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Automated Web Testing

Preflight lets you create Automated web testing scripts in seconds.

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“Everything we need is built in Preflight”

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“Great product, great service, innovative development. Advanced use of features for regression testing of all our products.”


“Automating testing is very important. Preflight helps us to do it in minutes.”


“The interface is simple, and every day you seem to understand what could make testing easier.”


“Our customer care worker, who can't code, is now a professional web tester thanks to Preflight. “

Revolutionary Recorder

Automate UI Testing and Squash Bugs with Preflight Recorder.

The Reliable Recorder
Our recorder is optimized for any website, ensuring reliable and accurate results with every recording session.
First-Run Guarantee
Say goodbye to endless debugging and tuning. With Preflight, your recordings will work seamlessly on the first run, every time.
Streamlined Testing
Preflight eliminates the need for manual testing, streamlining your UI testing process for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Dynamic Data Testing

Randomize with Confidence
Preflight enables dynamic data inputs during recording for comprehensive and thorough testing results.
Reusable Variables
Captured randomized variables can be reused and validated to ensure accurate data processing by the servers.
Comprehensive Results
Dynamic data testing results in thorough and comprehensive testing coverage for your UI.

Effortless Email Testing

Random Email Generation
Preflight lets you generate a random email with just a click, saving you time and effort.
Receive Emails in Recorder
Preflight allows you to receive emails directly within the recorder, making email testing easy and seamless.
Verification and Invitation Testing
Whether it's for sign-up verification or inviting a user, Preflight's email testing capabilities ensure that your emails are working as intended.

Effortless Checkpoint Creation

Text and Visual Checkpoints
Preflight offers two checkpoint options, text and visual, for comprehensive and thorough testing.
Dynamic Comparison
Preflight's checkpoint feature can understand previously used variables, allowing for dynamic comparison during testing.
Easy and Reliable
Creating checkpoints is as simple as dragging and dropping a flag icon in the recorder. With Preflight, checkpoint creation is easy and reliable.

Automated PDF Testing

PDF Detection
Preflight can automatically detect PDF downloads, PDFs in iframes, and PDFs opened in new tabs.
Effortless Testing
Once Preflight detects a PDF, simply click on the file in the recorder to easily create text or visual checkpoints to ensure accurate data in your generated PDFs.
Comprehensive Results
With Preflight's automated PDF testing capabilities, you can be confident that your web application generates correct PDFs with the right data.
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3000+ Company
3000+ Company

Over the past 4 years, we have been able to help over 3000 companies around the world to make their Web Apps bug free.

1.3M+ Test created
1.3M+ Test created

With Preflight's Test Recorder, it's super easy to create Code-free Web UI tests.

1,000+ Tests daily
1,000+ Tests daily

Agile teams can create tests directly on their Dev environment when any new feature is implemented.

30% test coverage in 2 weeks
30% test coverage in 2 weeks

With Preflight's ease of use, it's super easy to reach 30% test coverage that will keep moving up. Preflight also lets you know your test coverage based on your users.

ZERO Hiring headaches.
ZERO Hiring headaches.

Employing QA engineers while scaling development is difficult. With Preflight, anyone can create the tests and give room for development and test automation.

$42M Saved for clients
$42M Saved for clients

Don't start from scratch to automate testing that might take years to hire, train and spend millions on it. Preflight has already saved $42M+ in the market.

One solution to all of your pain points

What's your biggest pain point?

Deploy faster

Automated testing, done right

Get your product in your customers hands faster, and deploy without hesitation, knowing you've already tested everything.

Cross-browser testing

While Preflight isn't a browser-testing company, we do offer 95% coverage of the most popular desktop browsers -- providing a sanity check.

Schedule Tests

Run tests every hour, or month, or somewhere in between. You'll always be the first to know if something breaks.

Test for Responsive

Test your product or website at different screen sizes, ensuring all your users device sizes are accounted for. Or at least the most popular ones.

Our Integrations

Travis CI
Circle CI

Customers Love Preflight

“Preflight has been a game-changer for us. The elegance, ease-of-use, and robustness of their automated functional testing SaaS platform has allowed us to write diverse tests across our multiple application suite. Their Workflows feature has allowed us to recreate dependencies across our testing suite and now we release our software more regularity, with more confidence, than ever before in the history of our company”

Rob Newman Testimonial
Rob Newman
CTO at Parity Factory

“Our customer support person, who can’t code, has in effect become a professional automated web tester because of Preflight. It feels like we’re cheating”

Pasha Rayan Testimonial
Pasha Rayan
Founder & CTO at TheForage

“I hadn't used a no-code testing platform before, and was a little skeptical about how well it could work. I was pleasantly surprised!”

Zak Kempson Testimonial
Zak Kempson
Pop To The Shops, UK

“Before Preflight, we were using ghost inspector to automate testing. However, I thought their interface was awful for those who have no programming experience. I like to use Preflight because the interface is simple, and every day you seem to understand what could make testing easier. Not to mention that the support is great!”

Meaningful test coverage in under minutes

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