Automate Testing for Engineers

You'll love how Preflight enables you to create tests quickly, so you can get back to what you want to be working on - making your product even more awesome.

Rapidly Create Tests

Seriously. Create powerful tests in minutes. And just because you could code the tests manually, doesn't mean you should. Preflight does a lot of the heavy lifting so you don't have to worry about the details.

Tests Maintain Themselves

No, not in some crazy breaks-all-the-time way. Instead of collecting the most-unique selector when recording the test, we capture the entire context of the elements you interact with. Then we can use 100s of different ways to fix a test when you decide to change something. No walking on eggshells around your tests. Just develop your product. We'll take care of the testing.

Get Your Whole Team Testing

You know the best part about Preflight - you may not even need to test at all. Get your team to test for you. Have a recurring bug that comes up on support? Get them to create a test, so it never happens again. Get your Product Manager testing, heck, we've even seen sales people creating tests.

Unlimited Additional Users

Add your team for free

Preflight comes with all the users you could ever need. No need to pay per-seat. It really can be this simple.

Feature Rich API

If you can do something in our app, you can do it via the API (we use the same API, that's how we know). Actually, you can do more - you want to test at a weird screen resolution - that's available via the API but not in app. Don't want to get into the nitty-gritty - we've probably already integrated with your CICD Platform.

And if we haven't, we will. Just let us know.

And we also have ridiculously easy-to-create webhooks.

Preflight Engineers

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