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We built Preflight to be used by the entire company, not just software engineers or test engineers. This meant we had to do a lot more work, unlike other companies we don't rely on our customers technical skills to fix things for us. Instead we built a product which is better. You create tests by using your product, and it automatically adapts to changes in your product - meaning engineers get to create tests faster than coding them, and everyone else is empowered to create tests to ensure your customers never find a bug before you again.

Create Tests Quickly

Test creation is a quick as it takes you to perform a manual test. There is no step creation, you create tests by using your product, in your product using our Chrome extension.

Eliminate Persistent Bugs

Persistent bugs are embarrassing. You remove a bug and it crops back up in a few weeks only for your customer to find it...again. I'm cringing writing this. It's painful. That's the reason we created Preflight. Eliminate this issue completely, just create a test every time a bug is reported and run it before you deploy. You'll never release a bug to your customers twice.

Tests maintain themselves

There's nothing like being proud of your tests, you've created a full suite and you're happy with them, then your product changes a tiny bit and all your tests are broken. Preflight adapts to these changes, keeping them maintained through changes. Meaning less work maintaining tests and more time building an awesome product.

Test at different screen sizes

Designers will love this, they painstakingly designed the app for many different screen sizes, and you want to make sure it works. And now you can. Preflight can set supported screen sizes as defaults then when you run tests you will be testing at all of those resolutions.

Did we mention you also get high resolution screenshots? So it's easy to find the problem when something does go wrong.

Test in different browsers

Testing in different browsers can be painful if done manually. And you'll often miss something. But Preflight allows you to set default browsers you want to support and run tests on them to ensure your product works for all your users, not just the ones using the same browser your engineers use. Eliminating the persistent 'have you tried it in Chrome' from support.

Everyone can test!

Because we've eliminated the technical skills traditionally required for testing, it means anyone can test. Customer Service can create tests for persistent bugs, your designer can create a test for that UI bug they hate, product managers can test that UI error message they're so proud of and engineers can make sure there new feature works at launch, and into the future.

Preflight is powerful, but supremely easy to use at it's core.

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