Automated Software Testing for Manual QA

Performing manual tests is the best way to guarantee a specific set of actions works. It's the gold-standard. However it is extremely time consuming. With Preflight you can test more, more regularly. Get into the details and never miss a thing.

Zero-Code Testing

Preflight works like manual testing works. Except after you've manually tested once with Preflight, you can have that test run again, on different browsers, at different screen sizes and across all your environments. And when we say 'no code' we mean never. Preflight is really good at accurately recreating your test conditions and maintaining them when you make changes.

Test production regularly

We've all been there. Something was working, now it's not and your customer is the first one to find out. Embarrassing, right? Preflight empowers you to get ahead, you can test every hour, every month or somewhere in-between to get ahead of those bugs before your customer finds them.

Create tests quickly

Creating tests takes only as long as it takes to run a manual test, and you do it from inside your product using our Chrome extension. We track your actions and create an accurate recreation of your test.

Run tests on multiple browsers

Preflight allows you to test on most popular browsers, at the same time. No more loading up those browsers you never use, you can get a snapshot of where your product is and how well supported it is instantly.

Tests maintain themselves

If you've ever tried another record and replay system, thinking they were the answer you probably got frustrated that the test didn't run first time, or the test broke when you changed something inconsequential.

These products are built to make testing easier for developers. But don't really work for anyone else. Because you need to dive into the code to fix them. With preflight, the tests are resilient, they adapt to changes because we collect a lot of information upfront so tests can adjust to changes in your product.

Preflight Manual QA

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