No-Code Software Development and Testing

No-Code Software Development and Testing

What Is No-Code?

No-code is not just a type of development & testing technique. It is a movement to bring equality among all members of the product team and let all of them work collaboratively on the products. Conventionally, the developers have been working on the coding parts and developing the products according to the clients’ demands and the designers’ designs. But, it is observed that many non-technical members of the team have much better ideas and understanding of the products and their objectives. Hence, if they can actively take part in the complete journey of the product, the alignment of their concept with the actual development process will do wonders.

Today, every moment we are using something that runs based on numerous lines of codes running in the background. Even the electronic devices that are being used to write and read this article, perform just because of some codes working behind. So, today, there is hardly any chance that you can live a normal life without any dependency on software.

However, here our concern is how the world is now moving towards enabling everyone to work on the tech products that they have some idea about. Every individual has some imagination and internal planning of a product that can easily be developed using technology but, they cannot execute their planning due to the lack of technical knowledge. That’s why several large organizations are working on creating a world where anyone without any coding knowledge can use their concept in developing some awesome tech products. And, market leaders like PreFlight are allowing everyone irrespective of coding knowledge to test their products for the best performance and launch them in the market.

So, we can say that the No-Code movement is actually a step that can significantly increase the collaboration among the entire team and eventually improve the team's performance. Today, PreFlight’s clients are so happy to see each member of different teams in their businesses actively testing the products, improving the efficiency, and launching them without any focused dependency on the technical team members. And, we are really proud and happy to always stay on our toes for bringing awesome updates to provide more ease in their operations.

How Does No-Code Work?

Well, no-code does not mean that there is no coding involved in the whole process. In fact, there are plenty of codes working behind the scenes but, the thing is that those codes run in the background, and the business users are not involved with them at all. The reputed no-code tool providers like PreFlight hide the complex processes from the users by using data abstraction and encapsulation. And, then the users only need to complete simple maneuvers like dragging and dropping items. So, eventually, they are left with some basic steps through an interface that is as simple as going through a social media page.

The prime part that makes a no-code development or testing tool truly no-code is a visual integrated development environment. That software suite consolidated basic tools that are used to write and test software. The most popular method to develop those software systems is using a model-driven development approach. Hence, firstly, the projected functionalities of the software system are mapped by using a model. Then it is developed through coding and run through model-based testing before deployment.

Benefits of No-Code Tools

Till now, we have gathered a basic understanding of what the no-code movement is and how it works. But, the world needs strong reasons to invest its time and resources for massive development works in any particular field. And, such reasons can only be found by breaking down the performance parameters of the no-code tools. So, let’s take a look at what benefits they offer.

  • We all know how frustrating it becomes to keep on installing software for every small need. And, when it comes to coding platforms, we need to install a number of software, frameworks, etc. to set up the development environment. On the other hand, the no-code tools exempt the users from that frustration and eventually improve the overall efficiency of the projects. Those awesome tools mostly operating from the “cloud” can really do wonders for letting your system perform at its best.
  • No-code does not mean that you don’t have to write code but you have to deal with super technical steps & terms. It means that it will provide you with an interface as simple as a social media page. You can develop web products just by simple drag and drop actions. So, start experiencing the remarkable performance of a GUI (Graphical User Interface) like system.
  • As we can see above, programming knowledge is no more a barrier between the technical and non-technical members of the team. Any member from sales, marketing, finance, or any department can actively contribute to the planning, designing, development, and deployment of tech products.
  • Participation of more team members with more efficiency significantly reduces the overall time to develop and release a product to the market. Hence, the no-code tools provide an opportunity to deploy more products in the market within a lesser time.
  • In many cases, an application has some specific requirements that can be solved by some custom codes but, it becomes very difficult to write those codes using the traditional libraries and frameworks. And, it becomes even more complex to use those custom codes for a different application. But, the awesome no-code tools allow the users to easily integrate custom codes and eventually increase their capabilities for better development work.

However, if someone wants to add some custom Javascript or moreover any code, the no-code tools rather embrace it by enhancing the performance of those codes. The best example is that PreFlight lets its users add whatever custom code they want to add. Our tool completely understands and accepts the specific requirements of our users and performs at its best to provide results beyond the users’ expectations. PreFlight enables you to set up the tests once through a few basic steps and analyze them as many times as the users want with all desired customizations.

Will Coders Become Obsolete In A No-Code Dominated World?

There are many misconceptions that coding will become a rare thing in a world where no-code is a great priority. But, the world must think a bit about how the no-code tools work. There must be long scripts running behind those tools so that they can perform the development and testing works. Technology does not learn or perform something by itself. Someone who knows its parameters uses his/her knowledge to create sets of instructions for a tech product and the product acts accordingly. Those sets of instructions for different situations are the codes that we are talking about. So, even if you are willing to use a no-code tool, firstly, long scripts with numerous test cases must be written to develop that tool.

The no-code movement is a step to bring all the members of any tech company together for working on any project. It is an opportunity to make a non-technical person (also known as a “citizen developer” work hand-in-hand in developing any product. So, from any point of view, there is no such possibility that prioritizing no-code tools will get coders out of the field. Rather, that movement will encourage coders to develop better performing no-code tools and they can also focus more on innovative works as there will be more persons handling the technical operations.

How PreFlight Is Speed Boosting The No-Code Movement

We discussed a lot about how the world is planning and performing to establish a world where everyone can bring their tech ideas into reality through collaborative teamwork. However, developing an application is less than or equal to only 50% of the mission. Any company should focus more on maintaining and improving the quality of their products and keeping them ready to perform at their best in the market. That’s why thoroughly testing every bit of each application is the other half highly important portion of a product’s journey and PreFlight ensures that anyone without any coding knowledge can excel in that too. So, let’s see how PreFlight has achieved and has been maintaining amazing success in providing an efficient platform for non-technical team members to actively participate in the truly no-code testing process.

No Excess Installations

Previously, we saw that one of the strongest reasons behind the popularity of no-code development & testing tools is that they enable us to achieve the same or better performance as the renowned conventional testing tools without the hassle of installing numerous applications and parameters to create a suitable development environment. Well, PreFlight is the best example that justifies that statement. Our tool is just a simple browser extension that can easily be added to your browser and you are ready to create & run tests on your product. There is no requirement of installing any extra software to use PreFlight.

A Truly Simple Interface

PreFlight has the simplest and most efficient interface that you can ever imagine. You can simply sign up to PreFlight and start creating your tests with a few clicks and going through the interface of your product. Also, our tool allows you to set visual and text assertions with simple drag and drop actions. Then our advanced AI analyzes your product to achieve the best results as per the parameters set by the users.

Randomize Emails and Other Inputs In The Simplest Way

PreFlight provides the smoothest and most effective system to generate random emails and other input parameters for your tests. You also get an inbox on the test screen for the randomized email. So, you can clearly see that with PreFlight, you can easily create and execute different tests that require emails and other inputs without the hassle of creating numerous valid data to use as those inputs.

Analyze The Auto-saved Tests Anytime

It would surely become a headache for the users if they have to manually initiate saving the tests every time along with setting up instructions to decide which tests should be saved and which should not. On the other hand, PreFlight exempts the users from that hassle. Once the tests are set by the users and they start running, PreFlight will automatically save them and they will stay available to be analyzed by the users for improving the quality of the applications. So, you can expect a remarkable improvement in the overall efficiency of the testing process.

A Complete No-code Experience

As we can see above, the smooth steps of creating and running tests through PreFlight do not involve any coding to be done by the users. Our efficient AI performs all the necessary tasks to enable every non-technical user to work hand-in-hand with the QA engineers for testing their web products. However, PreFlight also provides the scope to use some custom codes for any specific requirements. But, overall, PreFlight heartily moves towards the success of the greater objective of the No-code movement.

The Future Is No-Code Backed By Heavily Coded Tools

As the world has started realizing the importance of enabling the complete team to work together in the complete journey of tech products, we have started observing the massive no-code movement. Everyone can certainly expect significant hikes in increasing the popularity of no-code development and testing tools whereas the technical people can expect more demand in developing more innovative features for those tools. So, the coming future is based on effective collaboration between people who use no-code tools and engineers who build them besides using them too.

PreFlight is playing and will always continue to play a crucial role in the massive no-code movement. Our team is always bringing up amazing useful updates for providing more ease to our users. To know more about our vision and our products, visit our website. Also, please check out our blog page for more articles on such interesting topics.