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Cross-browser testing is software testing used to check if an application works with multiple browsers instead of just the one it was built for. This technical process ensures that users on any browser or operating system can use your web app optimally. So, cross-browser testing is a kind of testing process which is used to check the compatibility of an application with different browsers.

Test your web and mobile apps effectively

Cross-browser testing is essential for any website or web application. By testing across different browsers, you can ensure that your users have a consistently positive experience, no matter what browser they're using.

Prevent browser-specific issues

If you're not testing your web app across different browsers, you could be missing out on potential issues that only affect certain browsers. By identifying and fixing these browser-specific issues, you can prevent your users from experiencing any problems when using your web app.

Ensure compatibility with all major browsers

In order to ensure that your web app is compatible with all major browsers, you need to perform cross-browser testing. This will help you to identify any issues that may only affect certain browsers and ensure that your app works correctly on all major browsers.

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Rob Newman

Preflight has been a game-changer for us. The elegance, ease-of-use, and robustness of their automated functional testing SaaS platform has allowed us to write diverse tests across our multiple application suite. Their Workflows feature has allowed us to recreate dependencies across our testing suite and now we release our software more regularity, with more confidence, than ever before in the history of our company

Rob Newman CTO at Parity Factory

Automated Cross Browser Testing

To ensure your app will work well in any browser or on any device with any screen size, you'll need to test it out in those different environments. PreFlight can help make that happen by offering cross-browser and cross-device compatibility testing.

Compatible with 95% of all desktop browsers

Preflight is the best way to ensure your website or web application is compatible with the most popular browsers out there. With our new platform, we now offer 95% coverage of all desktop browsers, making sure your site looks great and works correctly no matter where your users are accessing it from.

Make sure your site works for everyone

With Preflight, you can rest assured that your website or web application will work correctly for the vast majority of users. No matter what browser they're using, your site will look great and function properly. You can focus on making your site the best it can be without worrying about compatibility issues.

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Cross-browser testing is a software practice used to check if an application can work with multiple browsers. By doing this type of testing, you can find out about your app's cross-browser compatibility and improve it as needed. Cross-browser testing is important to do through an automated tool like PreFlight, so you can catch browser compatibility issues and bugs early. This way, you can fix them faster and move on with your quality assurance measures more quickly. Learn more about the cross-browser testing definition, importance, and tips for success.

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Cross-browser testing is the best method to guarantee that your web application will work with every popular browser, operating system, and device combination. Different people are needed at different stages of the process because they each have their own expertise in testing your app across various environments. This guide covers who should be doing the testing, when it's best to do it, and how to get started so you can begin cross-browser testing according to best practices. With PreFlight as your all-in-one testing solution, you can perform comprehensive cross-browser testing for your web applications with every major browser, all on one platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's the process of making sure that your website or web application works as expected in different browsers. This includes checking for both functional and visual issues, as well as making sure that your site loads correctly in each browser.

In today's digital world, there are a large number of different browsers that people can use to access the internet. This means that you can't assume that everyone who visits your website will be using the same browser that you are. Cross-browser testing ensures that your site will work properly for all visitors, regardless of which browser they are using.

Some common issues that can occur when cross-browser testing include text wrapping, formatting issues, and pages not loading correctly. These problems can often be fixed by making slight changes to your code or by using different CSS properties. In some cases, however, it might not be possible to fix the issue, and you will just have to accept that it will look different in different browsers.

Cross-browser testing can be performed manually or using automated testing tools. Manual testing involves opening your website in different browsers and checking for issues yourself. Automated testing tools will perform the same checks automatically and can also be used to test for a wider range of issues. Tools like Preflight allow you to test your site across a wide range of browsers and devices, so you can ensure that it works correctly for all your visitors.

Time savings: Automating the process of running tests across multiple browsers can save you a significant amount of time. Reduced human error: Automating your tests reduces the chances of human error, as there is no need for manual intervention when running the tests. Increased coverage: Automated tests can be easily configured to run against a wide range of browsers, providing comprehensive coverage for your web application. Easy to set up: Once you have configured your CI server, there is no need for further configuration when adding new tests or expanding your test suite.

Browser Compatibility: Can the website or web application being tested be accessed and used across all major browsers? Rendering Differences: How do different browsers render the same content? Are there any noticeable differences? User Experience: Is the experience the same across all browsers? Are there any major differences that could impact the user? Performance: How do different browsers handle the website or web application being tested? Is there any difference in speed or performance? Security: Are there any security risks associated with using different browsers? Compatibility with Other Applications: Can the website or web application being tested be used in conjunction with other applications?

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