Managing Environments

You can run tests on different environments than they were created. You can create tests in production and test on staging easily with Preflight.

By default Preflight saves every environment you've created tests in. (e.g. dev.preflight.com, staging.preflight.com, app.preflight.com, www.preflight.com etc)

Running a test in another environment

  1. Go to 'All Tests'
  2. Select the tests

    Use the checkbox to the left of the tests to select one or more test you want to run in a different environment.

  3. Click the arrow to the right of 'Run all/selected tests'
  4. Click 'Run with custom settings'

    From the dropdown list

  5. Select the different environment at the bottom of the Settings

    Here you'll be able to set all of the test settings which start as default.

  6. Click 'Run Tests'

    This will run the tests on the selected environment.

Changing a tests 'default' environment

  1. Go to 'All Tests'

    select from the main sidebar

  2. Click on the test you want to edit

    Find the test in the list

  3. Click on 'edit steps'

    On the test details page

  4. Find the first step and click it

    This should be 'go to: URL'

  5. Change the initial URL of the test

    Change the URL to whichever environment you want.

Adding environments manually

  1. Go to 'Test Settings'

    Select from the main sidebar

  2. Add your environment and click 'add environment'

    enter the url at which you want to test.

  3. You're all set!

    You will now be able to select that environment when running tests with custom settings.


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