How to Set up Recurring Tests in Preflight

Schedule tests to run every hour, every month, or somewhere in-between. This enables you to know what's working in your product and when something breaks - before your customers do. You can select how often tests run, and they'll run on their default settings.

Tests run based on their last run time. If your test last run 30 minutes ago, and you set it to run hourly, it will run in 30 minutes. if you last run it 2 weeks ago and you want to run it every hour, it will run almost immediately.

How to run tests on a schedule

  1. Go to 'All Tests'

    Click 'all tests' in the main sidebar.

  2. Click on the test you want to edit

    Select the test from your list of tests

  3. Change the frequency

    In the test edit toolbar you'll see 'frequency' change the frequency to the schedule you want it to run.

  4. You're all set

    That test will now run as often as you selected.

Set tests to schedule - in bulk

  1. Go to 'All tests' or a group of tests

    Select 'All Tests' or a group from the main sidebar.

  2. Select the tests you want to run on a schedule

    Click the checkbox to the left of each test you want to edit in bulk, or select all using the topmost checkbox.

  3. Change the frequency

    The bulk-edit bar should appear above the table, select from the 'frequency' dropdown the schedule you'd like your tests to run.

  4. Click 'Save Changes'

    Now you're tests will run at that frequency.


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