Testing at Different Screen Sizes

Ensure your website or product works on all devices at all screen sizes with Preflight. While we don't offer native device testing, but you can check to make sure your functionality works even when the screen size is reduced.

Note: Preflight will still test at 1440 x 900 for the first run of the test. But when you run the test again it will run with whatever defaults you set.

Change the screen size defaults

  1. Go to 'Test Settings'

    Click 'Test Settings' from the main sidebar.

  2. Click 'Screen Sizes'

    From the Test Settings Sidebar

  3. Select all the screen sizes you want

    This will change the default for any test that uses 'defaults' for their screen size and any new test.

Change the screen size for a single test

  1. Go to 'All Tests'

    from the main sidebar.

  2. Select the test you want to chance

    click on the name of the test

  3. Click 'screen sizes'

    From the test settings bar

  4. choose the screen sizes you want to change.

    Select one or more screen size to test at.

  5. You're all set!

    That test will now run on your selected screen sizes.


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