Getting Started How Preflight Works

Preflight is designed to be used by anyone who is non-technical. So, you can setup/record tests that automates your users behaviour in minutes. Completely code-free.

Watch the video for a 2-minute quick introduction.

Create tests by using your product

With Preflight you use our Chrome Extension to record your interactions with your product.

Once created you can run your tests on different browsers, at different sizes, on a schedule or as part of your deployment pipeline.

“I hadn't used a no-code testing platform before, and was a little skeptical about how well it could work. I was pleasantly surprised!”

Zak Kempson
Zak Kempson, Pop To The Shops, UK
Creating Tests with Preflight
Randomize names, strings of text, email addresses you use in tests to ensure reusability.
Check elements on your page to ensure your product is outputting exactly what it should.
Edit tests inline
When recording a test you can edit the test as you go. Meaning you don't have to start again if you get something wrong.
Record anything
If you can do it in your product, you can probably record it with Preflight. Drag and drop, webcams? We've got you.

Manage and run tests in our app

Group tests and run them, schedule them, run tests on different environments and accross your development infrastructure.

See the status of your tests, diagnose test failures see high resolution screenshots and edit tests with ease.

Customer profile user interface
Test your product at each development stage seamlessly. Preflight replaces the base URL to test from Prod to Staging to Dev.
Get a sanity check on whether your product or website works in the most popular browsers.
Whether you want to test every hour, every month or somewhere in-between you can, ensuring your most important features are always working.
Choose the screen sizes you want to support, and run all or some of your tests on different screen sizes.

Meaningful test coverage in under minutes

Ready to try Preflight? Create your first test under two minutes.

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