Low-Maintenance Testing

When you record a test with Preflight, we're not just capturing what you do, but everything around what you do. This gives us context for exactly what is going on in the test and allows Preflight to adapt to smaller changes in your product. Resulting in a far more robust test which doesn't fail because you changed something inconsequential.

Gathering Extra Detail

When we record a test, we collect every possible combination of selectors for every element you interact with in your product. This gives us dozens of possibilities when it comes to running the test and allows Preflight to generate a confidence score for each element when running the test. Ensuring the most robust and accurate testing, without having to edit the test.

But What if I Make a Major Change?

Preflight is not infallible (yet). We adapt as best we can but if you make large changes to a page, you'll probably need to re-record the test. We are learning a lot right now about how to adapt tests and train our computer vision based testing system which will understand what a test's intentions are...watch this space.

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