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Managing & Running

Running automated tests

Get your product in your customers hands faster, and deploy without hesitation, knowing you've already tested everything.

Schedule Tests

Know about bugs
before your customers

You can run tests on-demand, or as part of your development pipeline. But you can also run regular tests to make sure everything is running smoothly.

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Everyone Can Test

Remove the burden of testing
from your engineering team

With Preflight, anyone can create and run tests. It's not a technical skill. If you have a manual tester, with Preflight they're an automation engineer. Empower Product Managers, Support reps and more.

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Test Better

Testing doesn't get better

With Preflight, automating testing is easy. Meaning not just engineers but product managers, support reps, well...anyone can automate testing. Preflight is built for speed and ease of use.


Group tests, then run them together. Manage them as one. Making it easier to keep large numbers of tests organized.

Bulk Edit Tests

Edit tests en masse. Change environments, schedules, screen size and browsers your tests run on.

Log in/out tests

Record a test and prepend it to other tests. Add a log out test too to clean up your test.

Global Defaults

Set browser and screen size defaults. All tests will run with those settings. Override on individual tests.

Unlimited users

It doesn't matter what plan you're on, you get unlimited users. No need to ration who gets access. Invite your whole team.

Comprehensive API

Schedule your own tests, run on different environments or pretty much anything you can do in our app - you can do via the API.

Meaningful test coverage in under minutes

Ready to try Preflight? Create your first test under two minutes.

No credit card required 24/7 online support No developer needed
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