Save Time With Preflight

Creating tests in minutes, run tests on a schedule, automate the tests via your CI/CD pipeline all built with one purpose in mind - to spend less time testing and more time building your product.

Simple Test Creation

Record tests using our Test Recorder. Create tests simply by using your product. The recorder will track your actions and turn them into a reliable, repeatable test which adapts to changes in your product.

Reduced Test Maintenance

This is one of the biggest pains of testing. You create all of your tests and they work great. You're ecstatic. Then a week later, a small change to your product breaks everything and you have to spend more time maintaining your tests than you do on your product. Frustration ensues. We've lived that life.

At Preflight we made it our mission to ensure tests work right and stay that way. So with Preflight, tests adapt to changes in your product.

Schedule Tests

Run tests regularly. Set tests to run every hour, or every month or somewhere in-between. This means you don't need to check in on your product, you'll be notified whenever something doesn't work via email or Slack.

Run Tests In Your CI/CD Pipeline

Automate testing as part of your CI/CD pipeline. Meaning you don't need to run tests separately.





Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps

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