Testing - A Simple Approach

Preflight was built by a Designer and Developer. Our goal is to build a product that works simply and does a lot of the hard work under the surface. Rather that putting the onus on our customers to code perfect tests or maintain them, we built Preflight to solve the key problems with testing, with the goal being that anyone in your product organization (and beyond) can create tests.

Anyone Can Test

Preflight was built for engineers to share with their Product Managers, Designers and Support team to create tests. Heck, we've even heard from sales people testing with Preflight. The more people creating tests, the better the coverage will be and the less likely you'll see that pesky recurring issue come up again. You'll be ahead of the bugs!

Test creation Is Bliss

Test creation is half the problem with testing today, you either have to manually code them, which takes time, or you record them, and then have to go back and rewrite them by hand, which takes even more time. Preflight saves all that by doing the hard work on the back end to get the test right in the first place.

Run Tests How YOU Want To

Whether you want to schedule them, run them via an API, webhooks, as part of your CI/CD platform or just hit a button and see the results - Preflight makes it easy to do.

Create Your First Test Within 5 Minutes

Start testing with Preflight right now. No sales calls, no pressure.

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