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Get powerful, automated test coverage of your product or websites most important functions quickly. Record tests easily. Completely code-free.

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Don't take our word for it

“I hadn't used a no-code testing platform before, and was a little skeptical about how well it could work. I was pleasantly surprised!”

A better way to automate testing

Testing has always taken too long, been too complicated and frankly, wastes your time fixing tests rather than working on your product.

Create tests by using your product

Preflight's recorder is really powerful, enabling you to recreate pretty much everything you can do on the web.

Built-in variables
Use variables to randomize email addresses for registration pages, insert a unique string or callback data from Checkpoints.
Check the value of any element. Compare it against a previous checkpoint and ensure every aspect of your product works as it should.
Emails in-test
Every test gets its own email inbox. Testing registration page email validation is easy. You can also test the email in the same way you can test your product.

The Preflight difference

Our approach is completely different to other automated test services. Our goal is to offload work from you by making test far easier to create and dramatically reduce maintenance.

No post-creation test fixing
When you create a test with Preflight, the tests are far more likely to work immediately that with other services, because we built Preflight to be used by everyone, not just engineers. Saving everyone time.
Reliable test creation
Preflight understands how your product is built. And adapts as you change your product, meaning your tests fail when there is a problem with your product, not when there's a problem with the test.

Deploy faster

Automated testing, done right

Get your product in your customers hands faster, and deploy without hesitation, knowing you've already tested everything.

Cross-browser testing

While Preflight isn't a browser-testing company, we do offer 95% coverage of the most popular desktop browsers -- providing a sanity check.

Schedule Tests

Run tests every hour, or month, or somewhere in between. You'll always be the first to know if something breaks.

Test for Responsive

Test your product or website at different screen sizes, ensuring all your users device sizes are accounted for. Or at least the most popular ones.

Meaningful test covereage in minutes.

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