Code-free Automated UI Testing

Record tests while using your product, using our recorder. We process the test then you can run them on all the popular browsers, across Windows & MacOS.

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1. Record your Actions

Using our Chrome extension

2. Process your Test

We create a robust test that can be run over and over.

3. Perform the Test

On all popular browsers, on MacOS & Windows

Test Faster. Better. Today.

Spend less time manually testing your product and automate testing at scale.

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Test Automation With Zero Baggage.

Enjoy a first class automated software testing experience from start to finish. Complement your QA processes with robust tests that are easy to build.

Quick (and Codeless) Test Creation

Over 80% of tests created with PreFlight work first time, so you can rapidly increase test coverage instead of maintaining and fixing existing tests.

Not a coder? Not a problem. There's no need to manually change/modify CSS selectors or get into XPath...unless you really want to.

Quick (and Codeless) Test Creation

Debug your software, not your tests

We look at hundreds of data points for every step of a test to determine if it should have failed. That means fewer false positives and less time spent debugging.

Because PreFlight tests fail less often, you can focus on the stuff that really matters – building your product.

Debug your software, not your tests

One Test, Unlimited Combinations

Your customers use a range of different browsers and operating systems, but they all deserve a seamless experience. Cover them all with a single test.

There's no need to dust off that old laptop to make sure everything works in IE, because we test that for you and let you know if something doesn't look right.

One Test, Unlimited Combinations

Create your first automated test in minutes.

Just three minutes stand between you and putting your QA testing on autopilot...

Show PreFlight What to Test

You create tests by using your product. PreFlight tracks your actions and checkpoints to write a test based on them.

We Process the Recording

Once your test is recorded we take all of the steps from your recording and turn that into a robust self-correcting test.

Your Test is Ready!

In as little as a few minutes, your test is ready to run. You can test on demand or set it to run every hour, week or month.

Say Hello to Automated Testing.

Manually testing your products sucks. It's repetitive, boring and time-consuming. We eliminate all of that and make it easy, even for non-technical people, to achieve real test automation.

  • Zero Coding Knowledge Required

    You don't need to learn how to use Selenium, or know what a CSS selector is, to get to the right destination with PreFlight.

  • Schedule Tests

    You can set tests to run on demand and/or regularly (hourly, daily, monthly) to ensure everything is running smoothly.

  • Test Across Browsers

    Once you've created a test, we make sure everything works on our ever-expanding list of supported browsers.

  • Everyone Can Test Automatically

    With PreFlight, anyone in your company can create tests without the risk of breaking your software. No departmental red tape.

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