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Super-Fast Test Authoring

Rapid Test Creation

Creating tests takes as long as it does to perform a manual test. But with Preflight, you end up with a completely automated test.

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Codeless Testing

Anyone Can
Automate Testing

Whether you’re a product manager, manual tester or an engineer, you’ll never need to code anything to automate testing.

We do the leg work for you, automatically. Saving you time, and enabling anyone to automate testing.

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Reduce False Positives

Tests Adapt to
Product Changes

You’ve probably felt the pain of creating a test, only to have it break when you change something in your product. The dreaded false-positive.

Preflight adapts to changes. Meaning you can focus on building a great product, and less on maintaining tests.

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There's a Lot to Love With Preflight

There’s a lot of power behind Preflight. Here’s a quick selection of some features we think you’ll love!

Schedule Tests

Run tests on a schedule - every hour, every month or somewhere in-between. Ensure your production environment is running smoothly.

Cross-Browser Testing

Test your website or product on all of the most popular browsers. A sanity check that your product will work for users on different platforms.

Test for Responsive

Ensure your users are getting the best experience, whether they're using your product at the office, or on the go. We've got your back.

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Working with your Existing Tools

We're adding more tools all the time...





Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps



If there’s a tool you use and don’t see it here, let us know.

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