Codeless Test Automation

Testing has a bad reputation. Even so-called 'code-free' solutions require a ton of maintenance or they don't get it right first time. Preflight's entire focus is making test creation seamless.

Simple Test Creation

Create tests using our recorder inside your product. The Preflight Recorder allows you to record anything you do in your application. Then Preflight turns those actions into a robust test that adapts to changes in your product.

Tests Adapt to Changes in Your Product

The biggest problem with testing, is once you have a test, and you make a small change to your product - and all of your tests break. Quite frankly, it sucks. Preflight captures a bunch of different possibilities when recording a test, and adapts as you change your product.

Increased Test Accuracy

By making it our mission to massively simplify testing, we've dramatically increased accuracy without ever touching a CSS or XPath selector. And the benefits of increased test accuracy means less time spent maintaining your tests, and more time building an awesome product.

Create Your First Test Within 5 Minutes

Start testing with Preflight right now. No sales calls, no pressure.

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