Testing on Different Browsers

With Preflight you can test on the most popular browsers to give you a sanity check on browser compatibility of your product or website.

By default, Preflight will test on Chrome, and every new test is first tested in Chrome. You can then set the test to run on Chrome, Edge, Firefox or IE 11 (or any combination). Then each time you run the test it will run on your selection.

Setting Browser Testing Defaults

  1. Go to 'Test Settings'

    Select 'Test Settings' from the main sidebar.

  2. Click 'Browsers'

    From the test settings sidebar

  3. Select the browser you wish to add as default

    Choose one or more browsers you wish to test with in Preflight.

  4. You're all set!

    No need to save, it saves automatically. Now, all tests which have 'defaults' selected and all new tests will use these settings.

Overriding Browser Defaults

  1. Go to 'All Tests'

    Select 'All Tests' from the main sidebar

  2. Select the test you wish to edit

    Click on the test to load it's test details page

  3. Select the 'Browser' dropdown

    From the test edit toolbar, click on the 'browsers' dropdown

  4. Click on the browsers

    Click the checkbox next to the browsers you want this individual test to run on.


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