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Creating Tests

Recording automated tests

Get your product in your customers hands faster, and deploy without hesitation, knowing you've already tested everything.

Test Better

Accurate test creation,
inside your product

Automated testing doesn't get easier than just using your product. Using Preflight's recorder, you can capture your interactions with your product. Then have them reproduced with our test runner, completely automatically.

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Get Coverage

Test anything.
Test everything

With the Preflight recorder, there isn't much you can't test. We've built in support for as much of the webs UIs. And if you find something we've missed, we'll add support. Just let us know.

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Better test coverage is just around the corner

Create tests fast with Preflight's recorder. No need to worry about scripting anything. We've got you covered.


Add randomized data to your test. Names, emails, random strings, numbers. If you need unique data, Variables is the way to do it.


Some call these 'assertions'. Check any element exists and contains an accurate value. Ensuring everything is displaying correctly.

Edit Tests on-the-fly

When creating tests, you can remove steps as you go, meaning if you make a mistake, it's easy to fix. No need to re-record.

Login/Logout Tests

Record a 'login test' which can be prepended to any other to avoid recording logging in for every single test.

Meaningful test coverage in under minutes

Ready to try Preflight? Create your first test under two minutes.

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